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copy of A1 for Immigrants - 08.05.2020

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Deadline: 05.04.2020

When ordering this examination, please complete the registration form under the Appendices section and send it by email with a copy of your passport to info@vhs-st.de.

What can you do at A1 level?

At level A1, you can engage in very simple communication about specific needs (e.g. introducing yourself, eating and drinking, shopping, living). You can use some very simple grammatical structures.

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Please note that the telc gGmbH examinations need to be registered 30 days before the examination date with a fee of 14 euros.

If you cancel the exam within the 30-day period, we will charge you the 14 euros.

In addition to the practice material, the appendices also include the registration form with all information that is needed for the exam. Please load this onto your PC, fill it out, save and print the form and send it to us by clicking on ‘Send form’.

The additional information is required for proper conduct of the examination and for creating the certificate.

How is the exam structured?

The exam consists of a written and an oral part.

The written exam takes 70 minutes. You usually take the oral exam immediately afterwards, without further preparation.



Time in min.

Written exam Listening
Reading and writing
Oral exam Usually taken together with one other candidate 15
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Anmeldung A1 Zuwanderer

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Übungstest A1 Zuwanderer

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